Bill Quell -

Hard working. Endlessly curious.

Bill's career journey has been marked by the privilege of working with successful, passionate teams and professionals across a tremendously varied range of disciplines and businesses over the past 30 years. From running the Creative department for national telecommunications company to creating comprehensive marketing and advertising programs across online and offline media for local retail chains, Bill has accumulated an unusual breadth of expertise across an exceptional range of disciplines - all of which he brings to the table when we become partners.

"My greatest pleasure since starting ClickAwayCreative has been how much I enjoy working with people who are genuinely invested in their business - and who see their online footprint as part of their business, not just a necessary expense. Once people start to see everything their online activity is doing for them, it gets very exciting as we partner to expand their activity and deliver even greater results - all of which we can track and analyze."

ClickAwayCreative Web Marketing & Creative Services:

With over 30 years in the creative and Web industries, Bill is uniquely qualified to help you with:
  • Website design & development
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Social Media management including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pages, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube and more
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Graphic design: direct mail, newspaper, outdoor and more
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo
  • Interactive, rich media PDF publications

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