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After years of professional interaction and personal friendship, Roger Henson of Advertising Business Consultants in San Jose and Bill Quell of ClickAwayCreative have joined forces to complete a continuum of advertising and marketing services that covers virtually any business on TV, on radio, and across their online footprint.

The combined power and creativity of ABC San Jose and ClickAwayCreative creates one of the most impressive and comprehensive opportunities for businesses throughout Northern California - and across the United States - to leverage the latest advertising and marketing technologies to reach an ever-changing marketplace through dynamic creative in video, audio, interactive and online form.

Roger Henson, ABC San Jose CEO, brings decades of expertise and relationships to the table when working with clients to maximize their TV and Radio budgets and get the most from their creative strategies. Combine Roger's depth and breadth of knowledge with Bill's insatiable curiosity and dedication to partners' success and you have a tremendous opportunity to explore the possibilities presented by both traditional and emerging advertising, marketing and communication channels.

As believers in the necessity of ROI, both Roger and Bill are dedicated to creating campaigns that drive the business activity you are after - from foot traffic to phone calls to online purchases. Contact us today if you are looking for help with your advertising and marketing, including:

  • Advertising on TV
  • Advertising on Radio
  • Advertising Online
  • Creating a thriving website
  • Building an eCommerce store
  • Developing and Tracking a Social Media Program

If you have a business marketing or advertising challenge, Rog Henson of ABC San Jose and Bill Quell of ClickAwayCreative can help.

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