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Television Advertising is Powerful.

There is no other format or medium than can promote a product, service, or message in a comfortable environment like an ad on Television. Think about it, You’re home relaxing on the couch getting ready to watch your favorite show or the “Big Game” on your “Big Screen” television when an ad for your local Pizza chain comes on promoting their newest creation. Suddenly you realize how hungry you are and how lazy you feel because you don’t want to get up off the couch and go anywhere…but wait they deliver, and you have your hand held device poised and ready to go so you make the call, place the order, and minutes later someone shows up at your door step with your steaming hot dinner. Here’s the most interesting part of this description. Just minutes before that ad came on Television, you had no intention or ordering a Pizza!


Not only are you served in the comfort of your own home, you didn’t have to do much to make that activity happen.

Most People in our profession like Television ads because TV has the ability to combine “sight and sound” for a greater impact, and that’s true. But we at ABC like Television because it reaches people when they in a comfortable environment ( usually their home) when they are in a most receptive moment to your message. TV’s ability to create emotion combined with the fact that viewing continues to grow while other media’s decline (such as newspaper) make TV advertising a “win-Win” for our advertisers.

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