Helm of Sun Valley

Details of Project

  • Client: Helm of Sun Valley
  • Used Tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • Link to Project: Visit Site

Things we completed

  • Response TV & Radio campaigns
  • Website Build & Maintenance
  • Social Media & Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Helm of Sun Valley has been partnering with Roger Henson of ABC San Jose for decades to promote their sales and service - from their outstanding ski and snowboard inventories to their expert Master Bootfitting and binding services. During the Summer months, Helm of Sun Valley in San Jose and Capitola feature high-end outdoor furniture, hand crafted Redwood picnic tables and beach gear.

Over the past year, ClickAwayCreative has also joined the team to rebuild and maintain their website, as well as help post, manage and monitor social media activity and pay-per-click campaigns. In July of 2014, we launched a massive ecommerce catalog that will enable Helm of Sun Valley to do business throughout the country.

Contact Details

Address: 1334 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

Email: rog@abcsanjose.com

Google Maps: See our location online.

Call Us: 408-298-0124

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